Mayor Ryan Meche

My goal is your goal. To see our town thrive, to see it grow, but yet to keep its small town spirit and its small town power of caring for our neighbor. My administration will be transparent. We will run our town as a business. We have many plans ahead, we have many goals, and we look forward to watching our town grow with you!

Church Point Attractions

The Town of Church Point is known for many attractions, like the Buggy Town Playground, Le Vieux Presbytere, Cajun Woodstock and Courir de Mardi Gras.  We have many places to visit and events to be a part of here in Church Point. Many new and great ideas are being developed to continue tourism in our town.


The baseball fields are locked because of vandals. They have spray painted bathrooms, damaged bathrooms, broke into the concession stand three times, drove side by sides in the fields, damaging our fields which took many many hours to fix. We also found condoms in dugouts, and other things that I will not talk about. So yes, we locked the baseball FIELDS AT THE PARK with good reason. But there’s an easy fix. There is a code to open the lock. All you have to do, if you’re affiliated with bucks baseball is call Wade Berzas for the code. For all others, please call or text our park director Pat Duplechin at 337 692 3584. THE TOWN HAD TO DO THIS TO THE TENNIS COURTS MANY YEARS AGO, AND IT WORKED. THE PARK IS NOT LOCKED, THE PARK IS OPEN TO PUBLIC, BUT DUE TO VANDALS, WE HAD TO RESORT TO TREATING OUR BASEBALL FIELDS JUST LIKE OUR TENNIS COURTS.

Podcast With Mayor Ryan Spanky Meche

what's coming up at le vieux presbytere

Le Vieux Presbytère Museum, located at 205 Rue Iry Lejeune in Church Point, cordially invites the public to two approaching events:

First, the inaugural Bunnies in Buggy Town Easter egg treasure hunt begins with pictures with the Easter Bunny at noon and continues with the hunt itself from 2pm until 3pm on Saturday, April 1. 

Next, at 11am, Saturday, April 15, former Church Point Chief of Police Albert Venable will unveil our seasonal exhibit of memorabilia from his long career in law enforcement, as well as mementoes from his many election campaigns. 

Admission is to both events is free, but donations are accepted.  Le Vieux Presbytère is also open to the public Monday through Friday from 11am until 4pm, Saturdays from 11am until 2pm, and at other times by appointment.   For further information please contact curator Harold Fonte at 337-384-7993 or at

Agenda For March Town Council Meeting

Town of Church Point Meeting Agenda Monday, March 6th, 2023 @ 6:00pm Church Point City Hall ROUTINE Call to order. Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call. 1.   Consider revision of agenda if needed. 2.   Approval of previous minutes. 3.   Approval of January 2023 financial reports.   4.   Public comments/Harold Fonte Le Vieux Presbytere report. 5.   Comments

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There are 10 newly built hook-up (water & electric) sites located in our city park. 

The sites are back in sites with a sewer dump located at the exit gate of the RV Park.

Each site is equipped with a BBQ pit, picnic table, trash can, & canopy for your enjoyment!     


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